Clairemont Repeater Association
Emergency first, courtesy always

Who We Are

The Clairemont Repeater Association is more than just a community of individuals interested in amateur radio. Our community includes many adventure enthusiasts united by a love of the great outdoors, enjoying activities such as hiking, trail running, biking, camping, fishing, and off-roading. We blend the wonders of outdoor exploration with the limitless potential of amateur radio communication.

Some CLARA members hiking Mount Baldy
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If you are a kindred spirit, join us for an exhilarating journey of discovery, camaraderie, and adventure. Become a member.

Our Repeaters

The CLARA repeaters are privately owned and operated by the Clairemont Repeater Association, a non-profit corporation and family-oriented organization. The repeaters are located at 5,730 feet on top of Santiago Peak, which is located approximately 23 miles East of Santa Ana. We have excellent coverage over most of Southern California--south to the border of Mexico, north to the fringes of Santa Barbara, and as far east as Victorville and Banning.

CLARA operates two repeaters on Santiago Peak and one in Barstow:

Location Frequency PL Tone and Offset
Santiago Peak 145.220 Mhz 103.5, -.6 Mhz
Santiago Peak 1.2 Ghz Closed
Barstow 145.220 Mhz 114.8, -.6 Mhz

Although the Santiago Peak 145.220 Mhz repeater is listed as a closed repeater in the repeater guides, visitors are welcome to use it for short calls and QSOs, and to join our nets. We ask that all users practice courteous and considerate operating procedures. CLARA is always known for passing emergency or priority traffic.


We are committed to fostering a culture of responsible communication, prioritizing emergency response, and upholding the values of courtesy and respect within our community. As a family-oriented organization, we take pride in the ownership and operation of the Clairemont repeater, which stands as a vital link for communication and safety in Southern California, as well as a conduit to meet others with similar interests and form lasting friendships.

Emergency First

Our foremost priority is to serve as a reliable platform for emergency communication, offering assistance and support to those in need. In times of crisis, communication is key, and the CLARA repeater acts as a lifeline, connecting individuals across distances to ensure that vital information reaches the right hands swiftly and efficiently.

Upholding Courtesy and Consideration

We emphasize the importance of courteous and considerate operating procedures to foster a harmonious environment. We encourage all users of our repeater to engage in respectful interactions, treating fellow operators with kindness and understanding.

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